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Strategic Plan 2017-2022

Posted by Irma Lachmund (irma) on Dec 06 2017

The Strategic Plan 2017-2022 was developed in collaboration with many BFP members. It was approved at the Annual General Meeting on 11 November 2017. You can read the plan below or download it here.



A. To provide information about bilingualism to families with more than one language and the wider community

1.     To collate and distribute information of interest to families with more than one language in Perth and beyond

2.     To present the collated data and information on a web site

3.     To publish an occasional newsletter or blog

4.     To develop publications of interest for families with more than one language

5.     To organise workshops of relevance

B. To support people with more than one language

1.     To support of Kids Language Clubs in many languages

2.     To engage and support language coordinators for many languages

3.     To provide parent to parent support to families with more than one language

4.     To initiate, organise, facilitate and participate in social events for families with more than one language

5.     To assist families and individuals in language learning

C. To work creatively towards better understanding and support for bilingualism in the society.

1.     To initiate, facilitate and participate at relevant events, workshops and seminars

2.     To promote the organisation and its events

3.     To develop collaborative projects for all goals

4.     To hold a public forum on bilingualism

5.     To promote the establishment of similar parent networks in other regions

6.     To be involved in an Australian network of language learners and teachers

D. To establish a Family Language Resource Centre

1.     To develop a resource centre proposal

2.     To get support and funding for the establishment of  a state or national centre

3.     To manage Bilingual Families Perth compliant with best practice community services standards



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